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14 Apr. | ♀ | NL, Europe
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Rin & Rei’s relationship: THEN vs. NOW

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Top 5 Games that I’ve Played this Year → Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles

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Blog update & updates

Hiya, followers! I’m gonna share this blog with my bae; Since he has used my blog account quite often by now.

From now on it will be our blog. There won’t be any changes.

Inbox Replies; We read eachother’s messages. We’ll just add “-Roxy”/”-Jussi” at the end of our message/reply.

ACNL posts; My character is named Étoile, and Jussi’s character is named Björk.

We might want reset the reblogs/blogposts if we figured out how so we can have a more organized blog… but we’ll do that later.

- Roxy :)

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